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Tropheus Moori - Gold Bishop



Tropheus Moori - Gold Bishop, Farm raised, Unsexed, Small 1"+

Average Adult Fish Size: 4-6 Inches

Place of Origin: Lake Tanganyika

Feeding: Spirulina or Chlorella based flake food supplemented with fresh green vegetables such as romaine lettuce and spinach as well as meaty treats on occasion.

The adult Gold Bishop is known for it's gorgeous orange coloration with some slight red accents and a light colored eye.  It is a lighter colored tropheus that does not have any black.  Juveniles will begin to fully color at around 2-3". 

Tropheus are one of among the most interesting and active of all African Cichlids.  They are also unlike all other Lake Tanganyika cichlids.  They can be highly aggressive, especially toward conspecifics, but this is not a given. Aggressiveness can be an individual trait among these fish, and it definitely is influenced in the aquarium by variables such as size, tank structure, and species mix. Aquarium groups of Tropheus are very impressive to even the casual observer because of their usually gorgeous appearance and their hyperactivity.  They are voracious feeders which will let little food reach tank mates. 

Tropheus can be kept with a broad variety of rock-dwelling Tanganyikans, numerous Malawi and Victorian species, open-water types such as Cyprichromis, and Synodontis catfishes. They should not be kept with quiet or slow-moving cichlids.

To help prevent harassment of weaker individuals, Tropheus are better kept in groups of five or more--depending upon size of the aquarium.

These do not have the striping that goes through the dorsal fin, body only and slight coloration in dorsal fin base.

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