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Synodontus Valentiana

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Synodontus Valentiana – Unsexed, Tank Raised

Endemic to Lake Tanganyika.

Maximum Standard Length 6-10″

Great addition to a community of hard water cichlids, ideally mouthbrooding species of Rift Lake origin.  Can be kept with many different species due to its adaptability regarding water chemistry.  Best kept in a larger groups as single specimens can be secretive. Very peaceful.  Does best with piles of rocks arranged to form caves and areas of open water for swimming.

Synodontis are omnivorous and eat nearly anything including frozen, live and dried foods.  Also relishes vegetable matter in the form of shelled peas, cucumber etc., which it will rasp at with the teeth in its lower jaw. 

A striking catfish, the origins of this particular fish are unknown. They have smaller spots on the head and larger random spots across their bodies - a striking catfish that look unique.  Synodontis "valentiana" is suspected of being a hybrid between S. decorus and S. multipunctatus, however, these fish were originally imported from Zaire, so we are unsure if these are truly a hybrid, or if it is naturally occurring, or possibly misidentified by the exporter and represents some regional variety of S. decorus.

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