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Synodontus Petricola

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1x Small 1-2 inch

Synodontus Petricola – Unsexed, Tank Raised

Endemic to Lake Tanganyika.

Maximum Standard Length 4-5″

Great addition to a community of hard water cichlids, ideally mouthbrooding species of Rift Lake origin.  Can be kept with many different species due to its adaptability regarding water chemistry.  Best kept a group of 4 or more as single specimens are often very secretive. One of the most peaceful species of Syno available.  Does best with piles of rocks arranged to form caves and areas of open water for swimming. Dim lighting will encourage the fish to be seen more often. Mature females are rounder in the belly than males.

Synodontis are omnivorous and eat nearly anything including frozen, live and dried foods.  Also relishes vegetable matter in the form of shelled peas, cucumber etc., which it will rasp at with the teeth in its lower jaw. 

It is usually an open spawning egg scatterer but it is also one of the few fish known to exhibit a method of spawning known as brood parasitism.   The catfish times its spawning to coincide with that of a ‘host’ mouthbrooding cichlid and lays its eggs among those of the host fish. The Syno eggs hatch much quicker than the cichlids’ and the young catfish quickly devour all the mouthbrooder’s eggs. The unwitting cichlid then guards the fry as if they are their own.

The fish can be spawned in pairs or groups (flock spawning) and whichever method is used, they should be brought into condition with plenty of live and frozen foods.

One of our favorite Synos and highly recommended for any Tanganyikan community aquarium can even be kept in a South American community tank as well.

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