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Ptychochromis Tarantsy


Pair 1M 3 Inch, 1F 2+ Inch

Ptychochromis Tarantsy - Formerly Ptychochromis sp. Fort Dauphin
Temperament: Mildly Aggressive, Conspecific Aggressive
Place of Origin: Tarantsy River and Lake Tarantsy, near Amboasary and Fort Duaphin, Madagascar.
Average Adult Fish Size: 5-6"
Feeding: Ominvore, good flake food with some meaty teats on occasion.

Ptychochromis Tarantsy is endemic to Madagascar and very unique.  Beautiful coloration with gold, black and green highlights.  Selling pairs only.  Pictures to follow. 

When breeding, both male and female darken along much of the body, similar to the breeding colouration of the Mexican cichlid, Herichthys labridens. They become aggressive, especially with conspecifics. Favoured spawning site is a vertical rock or bogwood. Eggs hatch after three days and fry are free-swimming after six days.

Extremely rare in the hobby. When not breeding they are mild mannered and get along well with other non-aggressive species. Aggression does intensify during spawning.

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