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Pseudotropheus Saluosi

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1-2" Unsexed
Pseudochromis Saluosi - Tank Raised, 1-2"
Average Adult Fish Size: 3-4” (considered a dwarf cichlid)
Place of Origin: Lake Malawi - Taiwan Reef
Mildly Aggressive, Conspecific Aggressive

Feeding: High quality cichlid flakes or pellets specifically for malawi cichlids.

Males are blue with black vertical bars, and females are a beautiful, deep yellow. Fry are born yellow and, as they near adulthood, will begin to show adult female and male colors.

The Saulosi can be kept in tanks that are smaller than most required for mbuna. They are  still very territorial, and need a lot of swimming space. Depending on the size of the tank, you may only have one dominant male who achieves the brilliant blue color.  Other males may be a pale blue with bars visible, but the depth of color may change with the situation. If you have younger males in a tank with a dominant male, the younger ones will keep the female colors and blend in with the females. However, the dominant male will not be fooled. He will still chase the young males much harder than any of the females. They are best kept in groups of 6 or more, allowing the dominant male to spread out his aggression against several individuals.

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