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Pseudotropheus Demasoni - Demason's Cichlid



Pseudotropheus Demasoni - Demason's Cichlid, Unsexed, Small 1.5-2.5", Farm Raised
Max Adult Fish Size: 3-4”
Place of Origin: Pombo Rocks, Lake Malawi, Tanzania
Feeding: High Quality Flake

Generally Peaceful, Conspecific Aggressive

The Pseudotropheus Demasoni is an beautiful African cichlid from Lake Malawi and is a fairly recent addition to the aquarium hobby. It was first described and brought into the hobby in 1994 by Ad Konings and was named after his good friend Laif Demason. It is also known as the Midnight Demasoni.

This is a dwarf Mbuna that only reaches about 2.5" to 3.5" in length. It has a very inquisitive nature with lots of personality and spunk. It is an interesting fish to watch as it follows the contours of rocks, sometimes swimming along at odd angles to the point of being upside down. The coloring consists of crisp alternating stripes that are dark blue (almost black) and light blue. On the dorsal fin the stripes angle back with the lighter ones being thinner than the dark ones. The upper and lower fins, as well as the tail fin, are edged in a light blue.  The males typically have an egg spot on their anal fin.

This is a great fish for both the intermediate and experienced cichlid keeper. It is a very lively fish that can be aggressive. Make sure the aquarium has ample rock formations that provide lots of hiding places, as this will also help prevent off aggression between them. Piles of rocks should be arranged to create caves and passageways.

It is our opinion that there is no other Mbuna with more personality than this! They are curious, aggressive, elusive, quick, and interesting to watch.

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