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Pseudotropheus Acei



Pseudotropheus Acei – Unsexed, Locally Tank Raised
Average Adult Fish Size: 6”
Place of Origin: Lake Malawi - Northwestern coast of Lake Malawi from Bandawe Point to Ngara in Zambia

Temperament: Mildly Aggressive

Feeding: High quality cichlid flakes or pellets specifically for malawi cichlids.

The Acei are a beautiful, slender, deep purple fish with striking yellow fins. The males and females have the same coloration with the males having egg spots on the back edge of the anal fin.  There is little to no visible difference between a female and male Acei Cichlid. 

They are Mbuna from Lake Malawi, and are the mildest of all Malawi Mbunas.  They easy to care for and can be housed with nearly any other African cichlid.

For those interested in spawning, you should keep a male with at least 3 females.  Most successful breeder groups  will have 2-3 males and 4-5 females.

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