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Protomelas Steveni - Taiwan Reef



Protomelas Steveni - Taiwan Reef, Male
Average Adult Fish Size: 6-7”
Place of Origin: Taiwan Reef, Lake Malawi near Chizumulu Island
Feeding: Algae based High Quality Flake

Temperament: Peaceful

Dominant males feature brilliant blue coloration on the head and back, accented with yellow flanks and belly and a red spotted anal fin. A white blaze adorns the forehead and stretches into the dorsal fin. Females and juveniles are silver.  These colorful Protomelas are often confused with the Peacock cichlids.  They are members of the Haplochromis family of African Cichlids.

In the wild, they feed on the biocover with algae constituting the major part of its diet.  Avoid meaty foods.

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