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Placidochromis Electra - Deep Water Haplichromis


Unsexed Sm 1-2 Inch

Placidochromis Electra - Deep Water Haplichromis

Temperament: Semi-Agressive
Maximum Size: 7-78
Place of Origin: Lake Malawi, Likoma Island deeper waters
Feeding: Ominvore, good flake or pellet food with some meaty teats on occasion.

Males are blue throughout with dark barring along their body.  These bars are darker towards the head and lighten up closer to the tail.  Sometimes a black bar is displayed near the gills.

Go well with other mildly aggressive cichlids.  Avoid aggressive mbunas as tank mates.  Males develop stunning colors as they age, females are less colorful.  Will eat anything they can fit in their mouths.  Great starter fish.

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