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Neolamprologus Longior

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Neolamprologus Longior - Tank Raised, Unsexed, Large 2.5-3"

Temperament: Territorial, but not aggressive. 

Maximum Average Size: 4-5"

Feeding: Premium pellets

Place of Origin: Lake Tanganyika, Kabogo Point to Kibwe Bay

Neolamprologus Longior, or the Lemon Cichlid, is an extremely colorful cichlid that is iconic in shape and temperament.  These smaller sized cichlids are typically available in a gorgeous yellow or orange color which is primarily solid.  This species has been recorded throughout the entire east coast of Lake Tanganyika and is fairly abundant near 40 meters depth.  Longior is more elongated than N. leleupi. The coloring has more orange. Curving under the eye is a violet marking. Around the lips is a dark yellow areas.

They look fantastic in a community tank especially in small groups where they thrive as crevice dwellers. This species inhabits cracks and crevices in the wild and feeds on invertebrates so it’s important to mimic similar conditions in your tank. They will need a lot of rockwork and hiding places throughout the tank.

The lemon cichlid are substrate spawners and both parents look after their fry. Spawning can best be obtained by working with a small group of six specimens and allowing them to naturally pair off.

There are 4 different color morphs found in the lake and yellow or orange individuals should be kept over light-colored substrata; otherwise they tend to turn dark and appear "dirty."  In the aquarium, specimens vary widely in their color. This is more diet-dependent and can fluctuate from yellow to orange to red.


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