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Metriaclima sp. - Msobo Magunga

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Medium 2+ Inch
Metriaclima sp. - Msobo Magunga, Unsexed, Farm Raised

Temperament: Territorial

Conspecific Temperament: Mildly Aggressive

Location: Lake Malawi

Feeding: Ominvore, good flake food with some meaty teats on occasion

Maximum size: 4-5"

A Mbuna that has had a number of different trade names.  The females are an attractive bright yellow color while the males turn to a black with blue speckles.  

But for the most part both males and the female are a rounded torpedo shape.

Cynotilapia have a very wide distribution with wide variation of colors. In lake Malawi they are found in a variety of places including open water and rocky areas.  Males are territorial. Spawning takes place in the male's territory - typically a large, dark cave found among large boulders. Females are non-territorial and form large schools in mid-water and feed on the plankton together during the day hours.

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