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Lodotropheus Sprengerae – Rusty/Lavender Cichlid


Medium 2+ Inches

Lodotropheus Sprengerae – Rusty/Lavender Cichlid, Unsexed, Farm Raised Average Adult Fish Size: 3-4"
Place of Origin: Boadzulu and Chinyankwazi Islands and the Chinyamwezi Island region - Lake Malawi
Feeding: High Quality Flake, High Quality Pellets, Avoid meaty
Temperament: Mild, Conspecific Aggressive

The Rusty cichlid has a rusty brown/orange accented blue lavender body and is considered one of the least aggressive among the mbuna cichlids.   It is also one of the smallest.  This makes rusty cichlids an ideal starter fish for aquarists with less experience keeping the mbuna.

Hiding places and space should be provided or this fish can be bullied by their more aggressive tank mates. Rusty cichlids are omnivorous and will eat various kinds of food, but meaty food should be avoided. 

Rival males are territorial to a certain extent, but this is not as prominent as with most other Mbuna. Several can be kept in most tanks.

Both sexes look similar at first glance, although males usually have more egg spots in the anal fin than females. They also tend to be the larger and more colorful, with some developing an elongated anal fin.

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