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Labidochromis Hongi

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Small 1 - 2 inch

Labidochromis Hongi – Unsexed, Farm raised
Average Adult Fish Size: 6”
Place of Origin: Lake Malawi - reported to have distribution from Liuli southward to Undu Reef on the Tanzanian shores of Lake Malawi.

Temperament: Mildly Aggressive, Conspecific Aggressive

Feeding: High quality cichlid flakes or pellets specifically for malawi cichlids.

Hongi is very easy to easy to keep. Will need a somewhat crowed tank with lots of rocks/hiding places to defray specific fish aggression. 

The species has not been described as far as we know, which is why the location suffices for it's name - Hongi Island.  Other names used in the trade are: Red Top Kimpuma, Hongi Red Top, and sometimes Hongi Super Red Top.  

The coloration of this fish differs depending on its mood and can change nearly instantly. Dorsal fins also range in colour from yellow to orange. The colors of the dominant male can be quite exquisite, including orange blaze and a subtle lilac background.  Most have dark vertical barring extending along the sides of the fish from the base of the dorsal fin to the above the upper lip that can completely disappear depending on mood. The dominant males typically develop egg spots on anal fin and partial egg spots on the tail of the dorsal fin. Subdominant males will normally display a drab brownish purple coloration with some orange or yellow highlights.

Females will normally show a submissive brownish purple color, although they too can color shift to a beautiful pale lilac, with darkened vertical bars. Ventral fins in males are predominantly yellow with a dark stripe running from the body to the tip, females have black fins bordered on the front edge in white. Juveniles generally show similar colors to the subdominant males and females.

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