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Fossochromis Rostratus - Tank Raised



Fossochromis Rostratus, Unsexed, Medium 2-3", locally tank raised
Average Adult Fish Size: 10"
Place of Origin: Lake Malawi
Feeding: High Quality Flake, High Quality Pellets
Temperament: Passive, Conspecific Aggressive

The Rostratus is a large, mouthbrooding, fast swimming piscivore (fish eater) from lake Malawi.  It grows to lengths of up to ten inches in captivity.  It's a beautiful fish with lots of differences in individual coloration.  Mature males have metallic coloring on their sides, which can can range from purple, to green, to yellow, to blue, & turquoise.  Males do not reach sexual maturity until they are at least eight inches long.  Females are a typical Malawi olive brown with black spots with juveniles looking the same as the females.  They are very difficult to sex until they obtain very large sizes. 

When the Rostratus becomes frightened, it will quickly dive into the substrate and bury itself.  They need a soft substrate such as fine gravel or sand to dive into.

In the wild, groups of up to 50 individuals have been observed, with only one male showing dominant coloration. Along the northwestern coastline of lake Malawi, the Fossochromis is often ''followed'' by Cyrtocara moorii and Protomelas annectens, who feed on items exposed by their digging/filtering.

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