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Enantiopus sp. Kilesa

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Enantiopus sp. Kilesa - Unsexed Juvenile, 1.5-2.5"

Distribution: Found all over Lake Tanganyika.

Max size: Males 6", Females 5"

Food: Nearly any cichlid flake or pellet with some meaty treats.

The Melanogenys is very peaceful cichlid with an elaborate courtship ritual.  Mature males have stunning color, juveniles and females are plain silver. They require a sandy substrate with no or few other ornaments.  They tend to dart around quickly and can injure themselves easily when spooked.  The Kilesa has more black on the lower fins than the Melanogenys.

Very easy species to keep – and are rarely aggressive to any other fish.  Typically, best kept in a species only tank of 40 Gallons or larger – Plecos and non-aggressive community tropical fish can be suitable tank mates.  Best kept in longer tanks with a tight-fitting lid.  Can be sensitive to temperature changes and poor water quality. 

They are a polygamous mouthbrooder - the fry are not cared for and will be eaten immediately if released in the breeding tank. The fry develop quickly and are fast growing. 

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