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Cynotilapia Zebroides - Purple Lupingu Afra


Medium 1.5-2 Inch

Cynotilapia Zebroides - Pirple Lupingu Afra, Unsexed, Farm Raised

Temperament: Territorial

Conspecific Temperament: Mildly Aggressive

Location: Lake Malawi

Feeding: Ominvore, good flake food with some meaty teats on occasion

Maximum size: 3"

A Mbuna that has had a number of different trade names, from Zebra Hara, to Cyno. afra White Top. This fish is unusual for a Cynotilapia - the females are an attractive blue color as well as the males.  Males have the unusually long pelvic fins and spots on the anal fins.  The color is a deep purple with black vertical bars.  Will need some caves and rock work in the aquarium to feel at home.

This is a dwarf mbuna that's native to lake Malawi. They can change their color very quickly depending upon their mood. The female is rounder in comparison to the males. But for the most part both males and the female are a rounded torpedo shape.

Cynotilapia have a very wide distribution with wide variation of colors. In lake Malawi they are found in a variety of places including open water and rocky areas.  Males are territorial. Spawning takes place in the male's territory - typically a large, dark cave found among large boulders. Females are non-territorial and form large schools in mid-water and feed on the plankton together during the day hours.

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