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Coptodon Bythobates

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Coptodon Bythobates, Lake Bermin - Camaroon,
Temperament: Mildly Aggressive
Place of Origin: Lake Bermin
Average Adult Fish Size: 3-5"
Feeding: Ominvore, good flake food with some meaty teats on occasion.

Coptodon Bythobates are endemic to Lake Bermin in Cameroon, West Africa and the only place they have been found.  Lake Bermin is a small volcanic chain lake in the Southwest Region of Cameroon.   This highly isolated lake is roughly circular in shape, only about 800’ across, about 50’ in depth, lacks an inflow, but has an outflow into the Cross River system.   Despite its very small size, it supports nine endemic species of tilapiine cichlid fishes (C. bakossiorum, C. bemini, C. bythobates, C. flava, C. gutturosa, C. imbriferna, C. snyderae, C. spongotroktis, and C. thysi). This number of endemic fishes per area is the highest recorded anywhere.

This is a very attractive little cichlid, having a green body with red on the underside, especially when in breeding condition. One very unusual feature is that as the fish mature, they develop what looks like white lipstick on their mouths.  Most of the pictures we’ve seen haven’t done justice to how colorful they really are.  They also develop a partially red eye.

From what we know it is a brood spawner - the parents will spawn in a shallow depression and vigorously protect their young.  Extremely rare in the hobby. When not breeding they are mild mannered and get along well with other non-aggressive species. Aggression does intensify during spawning.

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