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Aulonocara Stuartgranti - Chiwindi Blue Neon


Unsexed Medium 2-3 inch

Aulonocara Stuartgranti - Chiwindi Blue Neon, Farm Raised

Average Adult Fish Size: 5-6”
Place of Origin: Chiwindi, Lake Malawi and Mozambique
Feeding: High Quality Flake, High Quality Pellets
Temperament: Generally Peaceful, Conspecific Aggressive

Aulonocara Stuartgranti - Blue Neon is a favorite with its outstanding colors.  This cichlid is one of several well known varieties from the Stuartgranti family of Peacocks. Males develop a metallic blue color on their face, dorsal and anal fins. Their body develops a bright yellow color that starts at their gills and runs down to their tail. Their pelvic fins will also develop the same bright yellow color. Males will get to be about 5-6" in length and females will be a little smaller.  Females will be the typical peacock oilve brown in color.

Along with its bright coloring and reasonable size it will quickly adapt to the aquarium, thus making it a desirable pet. Provide open space for swimming and a lot of caves in which to hide, sleep, or breed. Water changes that are frequent also help in keeping this cichlid. They will eat a meaty diet and have an almost puppy like excitability when being fed, thus adding to their appeal.

For the most part they will coexist peacefully with other mild mannered peacocks and haplochromis. However it isn't unusual for a dominant male may show increased aggression levels towards other males. Breeding males will also display increased levels of aggression.

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