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How are the fish shipped?

They are bagged in plastic bags with pure oxygen.  The individual bags are then sealed with rubber bands (not knotted).  They are then boxed in a NEW insulated box with heat or cold packs (if needed) and cellulose fiber to fill voids.  Boxes are sealed with tape, labeled and then shipped via carrier to the requested address.

We do not ship USPS because of unreliability, box damage and excessive shipping delays. 

Overnight is always the best option during hot summer conditions and cold winter months.

What are your hours of operation?

M-F 12 noon - 6 PM MST.  We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Where are your fish shipped from?

Fish are shipped from our facility located in the Mid-West US.

Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, $25 not including shipping cost.

Who do you ship with?

We ship exclusively with UPS.  

How much does shipping cost?

We do not offer 2nd day shipping because of temperature differentials. 

Flat rate pricing for PRIORITY OVERNIGHT delivery is as follows:

For orders of $25 and less than $99, Shipping is $54.95 for T-Th delivery 

For orders of $100 and up, Shipping is $39.95 for T-Th delivery

Saturday Delivery is available on overnight shipping for an additional $20

We also ship to AK and HI, please email us please email us as flat rate shipping does not apply.  HI does require an import permit - this is required before we can ship.

Do you offer a club discount?

Yes - all orders over $500 will be discounted.  Please email us.

Do you offer a live arrive guarantee?

Rift Cichlids guarantees live arrival on all fish shipped.  

When will I receive my fish after placing my order?

Overnight shipping does not mean you will receive your fish the next day. It can take up to a week for us prep your fish and to process your order. We typically ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday unless selecting the upgraded shipping option for Saturday delivery.  All Saturday requested deliveries will ship on Friday.  We can accommodate specific shipping/arrival days if needed. 

All of the cichlids listed on the site are in inventory and can be shipped within one week.  If you have a preferred delivery day, please email us as soon as your order has been submitted: blake@riftcichlids.com   Occasionally we will need to delay a shipment due to inclement weather (too hot or too cold) -  we will notify you immediately if we need to delay or reschedule.  

What is the guarantee on live arrival?

Rift Cichlids guarantees live arrival on all fish.  We cannot guarantee fish that are not received on time due to carrier delay, mis-delivery or failure to unbox/acclimate your fish within two (2) hours of arrival.   No exceptions.

"Live arrival" is defined as: upon opening the box and inspecting your new fish, the fish are all alive and appear to be in good order. If you receive fish that are dead on arrival (DOA) or do not appear to be in good order please take digital pictures of the fish and email them to us within the two hour window.  No exceptions.  The digital picture of your DOA fish should be taken of the unopened bag with the dead fish in the picture.  We encourage you to call or email us once you receive your fish to confirm their live arrival.

In the case of a DOA fish, a credit or refund will be issued for the individual fish. We do not refund shipping or a portion of the shipping.  If you have a total loss (80% or more DOA), a new order may be shipped at no cost or a credit for the total order including the shipping cost may be credited on the next order solely at our discretion.  

We will of course work with you to resolve shipping issues that are within our control.

Please try to avoid having your fish sit on your porch for an extended period of time - time and temperature are critical elements when shipping fish.  If your fish are being delivered without you there, we suggest leaving a note for the carrier to leave the box in a shaded area.

If you do not plan on being home during the delivery window, we HIGHLY recommend having your fish shipped to the local UPS office.  This way you can pick them up at your leisure and do not have to worry about extreme temperatures.

We have been shipping fish for many years and are confident that they will arrive in good condition based on our experienced packing techniques.  Most fish will survive at least 48 hours when properly packaged.

How do I acclimate the fish?

Simply float the bag in the your tank for 10-15 minutes.  Use a large bucket and a large net on the top rim - then open the bags individually, pouring the fish and the bag water into the net/bucket, then carefully release the fish into your tank.  Do not put any of the bag water into your tank.  DO NOT DRIP ACCLIMATE.

What size are the fish?

The size is listed in the description of each fish - we try to be conservative in the sizes that we list. Larger sizes will be listed on the individual species in their respective description page. Our standard policy is to include the tail when giving an average size (length) of a fish.

Male or Female?

Despite our best efforts, you may sometimes receive a female when you have ordered a male and vice versa.  We are typically 90-95% accurate on sexing our fish, but can't be 100% accurate 100% of the time.  The most accurate way to sex your fish is by venting them - which is nearly impossible on smaller fish.  Unfortunately this is part of raising fish and part of the variables when dealing with a live animal that is typically farm raised. 

Fish Coloration

Most fish shown are pictured as adults in full color. We try to include an actual picture of a fish from the lot, but unless specified they will not be as colorful as their full grown adult counterparts. Peacocks typically color up around 2.5-3", but this is a guess at best. Fish coloration will vary depending upon tank set up, water quality, aggression, tank mates and food. If you are looking for a specific coloration, please let us know. We typically ship the best looking fish from the lot at time of shipping.

Orders Not Shipped

Any orders not shipped within 21 weeks (6 months) of original order date at the request of the customer are not eligible for a refund.  A store credit will be issued and will be good for one year from original order date.

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