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About Us

I started in the fish hobby 35+ years ago, now I want to share with you a great place to buy African Cichlids.

I have kept, bred and raised many different types of fish over the years including South American Cichlids, African Cichlids and a number of Saltwater species. It all started with a small used 10-gallon metal rimmed tank from the local fish store in Boulder, Colorado in 1982. I added 3 different larger tanks within a few months. I started working for Exotic Aquatics in 1983 and worked for Cy for many years. I have set up, serviced and installed custom aquariums in many different settings.

We DO NOT have a centralized filtration system as we do not feel this is the best way to handle water quality issues and pathogen control. It is nearly impossible to prevent widespread infection without constantly medicating centralized systems. Our tanks are water tested weekly for pH, Nitrite and Ammonia. Large water changes are made at least every other week. We used only pre-conditioned Reverse Osmosis (RO) water in our tanks – this allows us to maintain consistent water quality and temperature. Nets and equipment are rinsed in hot water after use to prevent any potential disease transfer. We exclusively use Aqueon tanks and DO NOT use holding tubs as it is quite hard to “read” our fish when you can’t see them.

Our breeder groups typically consist of 1-2 males and 4-5 similar sized females. We do not strip fry from the females - we do not feel this is healthy for the fry or their mother. We will move a “pregnant” female to her own holding tank after 2 weeks. Once she has spit her fry we move her to a separate holding tank for reconditioning before releasing back to the breeding tank.

We use many different sources for our farm raised fish. We also use multiple sources for our breeder groups – meaning that we source breeder males and females from different breeders to maintain a diverse genetic background in our tank raised species.

We hope you enjoy our fish as much as we do.


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