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Super Red Ancistrus Bristlenose Plecostomus

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Med 2-3 Inch

Ancistrus temminckii - Super Red Ancistrus Bristlenose Plecostomus, Tank Raised, Unsexed,

Family: Loricariidae

Species Type: Plecostomus

Maximum Size: 5 inches

Life Span: 20 years

Habitat: South American rivers and streams

Great community fish - goes well with nearly all African Cichlids.  There are dozens of Ancistrus species - Bristlenose’s do a good job on attached algae and don't get very large.  They are much more active algae eaters than common plecos. 

The bristlenose looks like most plecos in general shape except for its bristles. These fleshy appendages stick out around the lips and head of bristelnose plecos. The “bristles” or “brushes” grow as the fish grows. Males have many more adornments than females.  These will add a touch of color to you tank and keep the algae away.

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