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Aulonocara - Maylandi Apache Hybrid


Unsexed 2-3 inch

Aulonocara - Maylandi Apache Hybrid, Farm raised,
Average Adult Fish Size: 5"
Place of Origin: Lake Malawi
Feeding: High Quality Flake, High Quality Pellets
Temperament: Mildly Aggressive, Conspecific Aggressive

The Aulonocara Maylandi Apache is unique in coloring with a dark blue (almost purple) body with darker vertical stripes.  Most will develop a dark electric blue mouth and bright egg spots on the anal fins.The body and gill plates are contrasted by a bright yellow/orange blaze that runs from the nose to the tail across the dorsal fin.  They are mild mannered and males can get to be about 5" in length with females being a bit smaller. 

From what we can determine, the Apache is a different color morph of the Maylandi.  The body shape and personality are very similar - very peaceful, but with more color.  Their subtle beauty stacks up against their more extroverted cousins of the Stuartgranti complex at any given time. Once a hobbyist maintains these species they will undoubtedly agree with this sentiment.  Pictures show full adult coloring and juvenile coloring.
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